"Ryan Seafood Dinner Night"

My husband is really good at cooking seafood. It’s something I figured out from our first date when he made me salmon. One time over the years he decided he was going to make a shrimp Alfredo. I’m not a big shrimp fan but I let him make it and I LOVED it. Ever since then I ask him to make it much more often and I started calling it “Ryan seafood dinner night.” Elegant title, I know. He cooks the seafood in a good chunk of butter and seasons the seafood with pepper and old bay (clearly the secret to any kind of seafood tasting good). He lets it simmer while I cook up the pasta. Then he pours Alfredo sauce in the same pan with seafood butter drippings and mixes it all together. I promise this won’t leave you disappointed! Or hungry, for that matter.



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