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This is us.

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Trinis just changed my hot sauce game! Love it!

Lisa R.

I run around my house saying “where’s my sauce!” On my bacon, egg, and sourdough it’s ridiculous! I threw out my other hot sauces!

Dewan H.

I loved every single thing about this sauce. It’s truly a 10/10 which is pretty rare.

Josh C.

It's Gucci!

Kristopher F.

For the love of family, friends, and flavor.

We Are Wonderfully Made makes Trinidadian pepper sauce using only the freshest quality ingredients. We take pride in our clean label by keeping every ingredient as simple and raw as possible, paying homage to our West Indian ancestors who did it first. NON-GMO, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, & LOW SODIUM. Simple, sophisticated, and authentically Trinidadian.

Perfect For All

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