I've Been Making Overnight Oats Since College!

I went on a healthy kick in college, several moons ago, and I remember this blog called something about peanut butter and I lovedddd it. She had lots of easy healthy recipes and ideas on there. Mind you this was before blogs really became a thing. So I learned my overnight oats from her. I decided to go from memory and I’m quite certain I got it right. Here goes : just throw some milk and raw oats in a bowl in the fridge overnight! It’s kind of like cold oatmeal. I’ve always liked mine stickier! But it’s a nice switch up of an original and I like to add some berries and honey and some more fresh fruit I can get my hands on. Things as simple as this are nice because they’re so simple you can have some fun adding anything you like on top of it. I hope you love it too!

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