I Made Shakshuka!

So Ryan and I were in San Diego for an appointment and afterward we decided to swing by this brunch place called Morning Glory. It was so cute and they had an awesome menu. One of the items on the menu was Shakshuka which I had never heard of before, this Mediterranean egg dish in this delicious vegetable tomato based like stew. I would’ve gotten it if the pancake soufflé was not of a higher importance that day lol. But the thought of that dish stuck with me long after, so I decided to google it and see how difficult it would be to make it at home. Turns out not difficult at all! So here’s what I did:

Throw down some olive oil in a pan and chop up an onion, bell pepper, and throw in about a tablespoon of minced garlic. Let that brown on medium low heat and Sprinkle paprika, cumin, chili powder and salt and pepper to taste. Throw in one can of crushed or whole tomatoes and add some parsley. With that all mixed up and simmering, crack about five to six eggs into little wells in the tomato sauce. I will say if your pan is on the smaller side, it will take longer for the eggs to cook up. I made the mistake of nervously letting them sit too long/ turning the heat up so my eggs did not run like I wanted them to. Oh and it’s helpful to cover the dish while the eggs cook. All in all, a pretty awesome and easy dish that looks really impressive! Healthy too! I hope you enjoy this one!

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