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How To Properly Preserve Pepper Sauce So It Stays Fresh

I'm back to answer more of your questions!

Today is about how to preserve pepper sauce. Let's get started!

Well first things first, Vinegar. All hot sauces or pepper sauces will use a vinegar base as vinegar preserves the mixture. There must be a certain amount of vinegar to properly preserve the pepper sauce and guess what, we know exactly what that amount is so you never have to worry. All WAWM® sauces are preserved with the proper amount of vinegar and have a 2 year minimum shelf life! 

The other question that is often asked is; does it have to be refrigerated? The simple answer is no. Keeping the sauce in the fridge will always help it last even longer but without refrigeration the shelf life is still 2 years. So if you choose to keep it in the fridge, imagine how much longer it could possibly last. So the choice is yours to fridge or not fridge, hey, maybe you like cold hot pepper sauce! But even if you opt for cabinet storage, you're still good for 2 years. 


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