Healthy Meals Always Make For Cute Pictures

Healthy Meals Always Make For Cute Pictures

Chia seed pudding? Sounds weird but if you dress it up nice it’s the perfect healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack. Or even dinner if you’re keeping it light.

I don’t think I ever made the perfect ratio of seeds to milk so I just eye ball how much looks appropriate keeping in mind the seeds drink up the milk and expand. I was using non diary milks for a long time but I recently went back to a good old 2% but only if it’s organic! I find as long as the milk is organic with no added hormones I don’t have to worry about it giving me forehead pimples. Another key to chia seed pudding is making sure you stir up the seeds as best you can. They’ll find a way to settle into the jar but as long as you stir them up once you won’t be left with a giant mass of jelly seeds in a pool of milk. It also has to be in a sealed container! It takes hours to become the right consistency so your best bet is to leave it overnight and then dress it up with mixed berries, granola, honey, the works! Enjoy it knowing you did something good for your body!


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