Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers With (or without) Cheese

Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers With (or without) Cheese

One of my new favorite meals. It’s funny to think I’ve never had stuffed peppers until my husband randomly decided to make some. I love them! They’re so tasty, so healthy, so filling and go great with hot sauce!

Start by cooking your ground turkey in a pan and seasoning it. We like chili powder, salt and pepper, and garlic.

Prepare your peppers by rinsing them off and cutting the tops off horizontally. Clean out the core and seeds of the pepper and begin alternating layers of meat and cheese. Ryan likes to do cheese, meat, cheese, meat, cheese on top. We mixed cheddar and mozzarella. (Ryan ate his tonight with no cheese to be even healthier). Then put the pepper lid on top, skewer it to hold it in place if you can, and wash the outside of the peppers in some olive oil to help them bake.

Put them in the oven for 20 mins at 350 degrees. If you prefer a more blistered pepper you can leave them in for and extra 10 minutes or so. Voila!

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