Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I enjoy smoothies for two reasons: It’s way easier for me to just drink my greens! And two, you can throw anything in it! (Also how cute is this Miss to Mrs. cup!)

Here's a pic of what I put in this smoothie:

That little green cap is spirulina! And the Greens 50 is an amazing green powder from a company called 1st Phorm. They are a workout company and their products have amazing clean ingredients. The Greens 50 in particular is also amazing because it prevents me from bloating whenever I take it! I also do about a cup of berries, a sprinkle of flax seeds when I have them in the house, 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter powder (the powder cuts out the addition of carbs which I love) depending on taste, a big heaping tablespoon of cocao powder, and I prefer almond milk as a base but I use regular milk when I don’t have that (I find that as long as the regular milk is organic, it causes less pimples for me). This one’s easy to enjoy because you can mix and substitute just about anything you like!


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