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Does Pepper Sauce Go Bad? Understanding Shelf Life And Spoilage

Hi again! Does pepper sauce go bad? Let's find out!

So as we've discussed before, you know that pepper sauce and hot sauces need vinegar to stay fresh. Since WAWM® sauces are made with the right amount of vinegar to achieve a long lasting shelf life (2 years!) that's how long you know your pepper sauce will be good at a minimum. 

However, if anyone tries to make a pepper sauce on their own and uses too little vinegar, your PH may be off and it will spoil rather quickly. So it's best to do your research if you want to venture out on your own. 

It's not much more complicated than that!

In short, any pepper sauce can spoil if it's made improperly. But here at WAWM® we keep the highest of standards so you never have to worry about your WAWM® products.

Want a fun little note? Here's what can be interesting about pepper sauce. As pepper sauce sits for long periods of time, the flavor can increase and some users have reported that after long periods of time, like a year or more, it may get a little spicier! 

I'll see you in the next blog where we answer more of your questions!


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